About Us

As a professional photographer, Sridhar creates work he is extremely passionate about. Professionally an Engineer, Sridhar is a human being, who can only make friends everywhere and is an absolute fan of all natural and real things in this world.Sridhar has spent his entire life spending his boundless energy and drive into photographing the happiest moments of his near & dear, friends, clients – local & corporate, from the very small family functions all the way up to fantastically large Events and corporate gatherings.
He spent several years shooting for birthday parties, wedding events and modeling portfolios. Currently, his vision is to become the numero uno in photography world, specialized in capturing wonderful moments across the whole gamut of private, professional, corporate & celebrity events.

In childhood, he was supported by his Uncle, from whom he practically learnt everything about photography. With the basic camera, he started his journey, exploring every aspect of capturing finest moments of life. With continued support from Event Management Teams. Sridhar is now an established photographer producing creative images, visuals, videos etc.,
As a natural progression, Sridhar is also enjoying the production of digital content, like a video, cinematography or a short film, perfect again for private, corporate and also for social media marketing.